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" China-Africa Business Cooperation Forum" will be held in Xiangtan in May 19th

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 " The China-Africa Business Cooperation Forum" will be held in our city in May 19th .

Xiangtan city will strive to become the permanent forum conference address.

The theme of this "The central investment and Trade Fair" is that "open rise, green development ".This forum will have more than 200guests, including the national leader of ministries and commissions,
other five provinces in the central China, Africa represents national leaders,officials and representatives of relevant international organizations, as well as a large number of friends in the media.

Forum will focus on the theme "open rise, green development", in agriculture, energy and other new investment and cooperation in the field of thrust. Forum on China-Africa people from all walks of life, will for the topic, and on the non agriculture, a new field of energy investment cooperation projects on-site sign.

In fact, Xiangtan and Africa development of two ground economy complementary sex is strong, friendly and cooperative relations has a long history. The first city to go abroad to invest and set up factories in China Dragon Industrial Limited company, its first foreign investment project in Algeria in africa.