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Jiezhao Prosthetics and orthotics in Xiangtan

Xiangtan Jie Zhao prosthetic orthopedic limited liability company was founded in 2004( formerly known as Xiangtan City Jie Zhao prosthetic rehabilitation center), the company under the Xiangtan City Federation of the disabled, close by Xiangtan city hall, Xiangtan City Working Committee residue rehabilitation office Award for" Xiangtan City Disabled prosthetic and orthotic site-directed assembly base". 2006July by the Hunan provincial Civil Affairs Department review, approval, reassembled for" Xiangtan City Jie Zhao prosthetic orthopedic limited liability company". And in 2009July was approved as the "Hunan province inductrial injury worker auxiliary devices supply of fixed-point units". After the founding of the company all staff in the general manager Qi Yong ( under the leadership of physically disabled ), through years of unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, the company already has a scale.